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WASPHA it’s not about the destination. It’s about to get your Healthy service any time anywhere

We are Medically Connected

Definitely there are many options available when it comes to booking a cab. But we promise to make your ride special. We take care of every element of your journey. From the cleanliness of the car to the behavior of the driver, we ensure that your ride is 100% safe and secure.


WASPHA support IOS and Android mobile devices


Get more discounts on your orders requests by give your account code to your friends or apply our partners’ sponsors’ promotion code on your orders request, or watch WASPHA map advertisements.


WASPHA support online payment method in secure manner, so you can scan your card using this App to be ready always for your accepting proposal, or you can traditional method. Also don’t warry you have electronic wallet to return your money back to be used for any future orders request.


WASPHA App give you the ability to get help or select right medicine from one of your current mobile contacts that use WASPHA App

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Frequently Ask Questions

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What is WASPHA?

WASPHA is the Mobile App that can connect you to a network of trusted Medical services providers nearest to your current or selected location operating across the whole world.


Yes! its free and always free, whiteout any Annoying ads.

How do I use WASPHA Features?

You can use WASPHA App over your Mobile device operate under IOS or Android operating Systems, you can navigate your Doctors, Medical service and Ambulance over the map, and WASPHA™ always connect you to the nearest Medical provider.

Which version of iOS do your apps support?

WASPHA can be support latest version of IOS or Android operating system.

What languages are available?

WASPHA support both Arabic and English languages

I have technical problem, who do I email?

WASPHA Patients and provider care department always will be happy to get your Calls, Video Calls and Chat 24/7 from anywhere, also we can support you over Emails and over Issue ticketing from WASPHA App, and also you can track your orders and see your history

There are any discounts for my orders?

WASPHA periodically generate Promo codes sponsored by our partners, you can use it to gain extra discount, and also you can collect points from all successfully orders, or watch our Medical or sponsors Advertisement on WASPHA map.

How I can search for my Medicines?

WASPHA team always update the App with latest Medicines information, and you can search for your Medicine, category, Medicine name, scan the Medicine QR or bar code, Upload the Medicine picture or Prescription do you have on your Mobile gallery, take picture of the Medicine using Mobile camera and all of this from WASPHA™ App and no need to exit this App to make this search.

How it works as General (Patients side)

Welcome splash screen popup   (location service turned off) please turn on location service in your device setting to improve our service experience (after welcome screen)   Just register/Sign in WASPHA™ (New registration, use your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/google plus or normal registration for signup and add your mobile number to get the verification code, and WASPHA™ policy acceptance required) (as First time, please see and read the tutorial to how use this app)   Select one of the available provider nearest to your location or selected location   (Select another saved location if required (By default it’s your current location))   Create your order   Let WASPHA get the nearest provider service to you   Wait few seconds, or wait the push notification with the provider proposal   Review this proposal and choose between the payment type and apply your promotion code (If Available), or add any landmark if available   Please check this proposal again   Now it’s your decision to accept/Decline this proposal   (Acceptance) Congratulation now your order on the way, (as remaining providers) you can see where the provider now on WASPHA™ map so you can track it (as Declined) please select the reasons   Order delivered (Please open the door)   (As Pharmacy) Check your order items   Take your order   (As COD) please paid to the captain   Please rank this provider   Order status change to completed

How its work (Provider side)

Access WASPHA app with your business account on your mobile App   WASPHA policy acceptance required   (Just login) By default your account statues is Away   (Already login but u busy) please change your statues to busy to disappear from the WASPHA™ map   Change your statues to Available (now you are ready to accept orders)   (When order coming) push notification with PEEEEP sound will alert you   Please hurry up to read this order there are time out   Accept or cancel the patient request (if there are no response from you the next provider will take your place)   (As Acceptance) your statues will changed to Busy on service (you can’t receive any more orders until you change this statue to Available again)   (As Pharmacy) chose between Full or partial. (as remaining providers) just Read - Accept/Cancel - Generate your proposal - Prepare yourself to be there   (As Pharmacy) ask for Prescription, ask for more information if required, please hurry up there are time out   Prepare your proposal just fill (delivery time (by default filled, and you can increase or decreased it and chose the delivery method type (Walk, Motorbike, car, Plan and so on)), payment type, items prices and quantity, delivery fees) and send it back and hurry up there are time out   (acceptance from the patient) Congratulation the patient accepts your proposal, notification will be send to you. (Declined from the patient) Sorry the proposal declined, notification will be send to you with/without reasons   (In acceptance) Prepare the items and be sure it’s delivering to this patient   On your way to patient location   (As COD) please collect your money   Points will be collected and your rank will have increased or decreased   Change your statues again to available to get more orders



HQ Address 22, Abd El-Moneim Raid, Abu an Nawatir, Qism Sidi Gabir, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt


+20 111 1375707